Boomer Judy checks the casting notices daily. Blood pressure medication is required.

“Brand Ambassadors: 22-53
Seeking brand ambassadors for a high-energy indoor sporting event that benefits rare cancer research.”


“there will be no sitting positions this year. All staff must be okay with standing the entire time.”

OOOOOOOH, of course! THAT explains the seemingly random age cap on this one.
Usually, the rude and ridiculous age limit is a round number, and I’ve been recently BOOMERJUDY-ING (yes, it’s a verb, a gerund, for you grammar freaks) the usual nonsense of limiting the age of perfectly capable AND EXPERIENCED actors at 50, or if the gatekeepers are in a more expansive mood — or possibly speeding down a highway checking out the MPH — 55. Yesterday I railed against a post that decided no one over the age of 40 could possibly be qualified to act in their non-union, non/unprofessional project. But what’s with the 53? Does something suddenly happen to the human body on the 54th birthday that I don’t know about? And most importantly, did it happen to me? Without my knowledge, let alone consent?

Look, I’m not suggesting that the inexorable (but arguably somewhat correctable) pull of gravity doesn’t pick up speed right around that time, but geez, that’s a bit specific, isn’t it?

Don’t worry kids, you’ll have use of your pins til
the day of your 54th birthday

Back to the weird ad: the event they want to staff with the “53 and under” crowd is for a “high-energy indoor sporting event,” so the AA (ageist a-hole) might suggest that’s why they picked that number (still random, ffs!) but this is for STAFF, not participants.

Okay. They then explain (probably as a way of justifying their ageism) that whomever they hire will have to stand throughout the event. Ergo, anyone born before March, 1965 does not have the ability to remain vertical throughout the entire course of this “high energy sporting event”

Look here: the event is actually going to “benefit rare cancer research!”
Elementary, Emma Watson! The rare cancer hits on the 54th birthday in the knees, preventing cronies from standing! NO! Because according to Ms. Welsh (I buried the name here, tee hee) no one over the age of 53 need apply, so that means it’s not a rare cancer. BUT, since it’s a charity, I’m going to ask some of my close friends if they’d like to help at the event, you know, the way celebs like to do.

[5 MINUTES LATER] GUESS WHAT? THEY ALL SAID, “YES!” MY WHOLE SQUAD said they’re delighted to help out at this exciting high energy sporting event benefiting rare cancer research, because they are charitable, philanthropic and they all have gorgeous new designer duds they’re dying to twirl around in! It’s a win-win! And hang on, Shellie, I saved the BEST for last! GUESS WHO has agreed to be a SUPER SPECIAL GUEST? Okay, wait. I’m over excited. First, here are all my besties that are super excited to show up at your super exciting event:

ROLL CALL: Lizzie! SJP! Vivi! & Lil Tea!

My TEAM! We’re called FOX FORCE FIVE cuz we FIERCE!

OH, NO! SHELLIE! We were just about to order our stretch Hummer Limo (cuz if you’re gonna do it, you might as well tear a bigger hole in the ozone, amirite?) and then FOX FORCE FOUR (that’s what they call themselves when I’m flying around fighting ageism) saw that your arbitrary age cap excludes them! They all have the horrible misfortune of no longer being 53, in fact, in a weird coincidence, they’re ALL 54!

And, OH, NO, AGAIN! My super secret special surprise guest who was all ready to show up and bring her ball and chain with her (cuz he stans her just like we do) can’t come either, because she happens to be three years past your arbitrary age limit! Darn it! And the “ironic” part (in the Alanis sense of the word) is that my girl can STAND! On both her feet! For a very, very long time! Despite being so critically past your cap.

Too bad, so sad. But I’m sure you’ll attract a staff of highly professional, attractive and of course most important YOUNG people to work your event. Especially at your (sadly) adequate pay rate of $18 an hour. May you have all the luck with this event you deserve, Shellie, and please consider from now on not putting a limit on the age and instead using a plus sign after the lowest age like this: 18+. It’s that simple! And it’s SMART, GODDAMMIT, not just because Boomers are constantly discriminated against, making it close to impossible to find work when we need it most, but also so you don’t have to suffer the Wrath of Boomer Judy!

Now I have to go call my other bestie and tell her that you won’t let her work your event because she’s too old. How sad she’ll be. But that’s okay. She’s got other stuff to do.

Michelle really wanted to be there


There are few things my brain will do faster than whip up a clunky portmanteau, so much so that when I smash two words together to make one, my daughter actually says, “Oh, god, Mom, portmandon’t!” which is both funny and extremely meta of her.

I thought I made up “midolescence,” but of course, many clever, struggling mid-lifers have come up with it before me, as Google so rudely pointed out. It’s an obvious idea: combining the well-documented struggle of those painful teenage years with the new horrors and discomfort (to say the least) of middle age. Great, or even middling middle age minds do think alike, although there’s one guy who decided to try and coin the term to define a 26 year old, and it’s pretty obvious that the 26 year old is a problem that doesn’t need to be defined as much as thrown out of the basement.

There's already a meme for him, stay away from my portmanteau

There’s already a meme for him, stay away from my portmanteau


Condescending Egomaniac, MD

Pompous Egomaniac, MD

Diane’s knee has been hurting for years, but like so many of us, her plate was full of other peoples’ problems and more pressing issues that always took priority, so when she finally had the chance to talk to a doctor about it, she was distressed at how the exam went. After some poking and prodding, he informed her that there was nothing wrong with her knee.

“Really? How can that be?” She was bewildered. “It hurts so bad that I can’t –“

“You sound disappointed,” he snapped, as he scribbled on his electronic clipboard. Read More

FOLLOW UP: Response to MY Response! CNN Article on Old Unemployeds:

“Dear Margaux: Thanks for getting in touch with me. I appreciate the feedback, and although I’m sorry to hear about the position you’re in, I’m confident that with your skills that if you keep “flinging your resume” you’ll eventually be found by a lucky and smart employer who sees beyond the meaningless date of your birth and can appreciate your many gifts. You should also keep writing, because obviously you have a lot to bring to the table and speak passionately and eloquently for the millions you represent. I wish you the best of luck, NO ONE.”

I never heard back. So I’ll just wrap up with my response to the response I didn’t get to my response:

Thanks for Not Bothering

Thanks for Not Bothering

Hi, Annalyn ~ Very much appreciated your article, and since you added an invitation to contact you, I couldn’t resist. I’m one of those you profiled: an unemployed 56 year old woman who has been desperately searching for work. Read More


“Position Summary:cadaver 1
[Major NJ] University is seeking applications for a Human Anatomy Cadaver Laboratory Technician in the Physician Assistant Program department.” I think I can get this, but only if this guy does the interviewing. “You look good!” I’m sure I’ll hear.

err…   I hope I’d hear.

“Required Skills or Software:

Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills”

For a cadaver.

I think I got this!