It started snowing.

Therefore, I need a recipe for peanut butter coconut oatmeal raisin cookies. Gramma?

No answer… oh yeah, she died a long time ago.


Btw, turns out this guy, Ben Stein? Not only a speech writer for this guy > undefined (If you’re a Boomer you know his name, and if not, what the fuck are you doing here?) but also a Creationist. Apparently he made a documentary about the silly school system that allows Evolution to be taught as the singular theory of our beginnings, not side by side with the bible’s story about Jesus riding dinosaurs. I’m not linking to that because he’s an idiot and proof that the number of brain cells one was born with does not always correlate to intelligence, or common sense, at least not when religious faith intercepts, which it apparently did with Ben.


STILL (Upon Awakening) Magic will not save us. Still when you dream  you’re in Vegas  with your ex doesn’t that mean  life’s a gamble? Still as long as birds sing outside your window upon awakening and your eBay search for framed cat prints still arrives in your inbox and your alarm still gently reminds you … Read More

It started snowing.

On the first snow day of our “new normal”, baking cookies is not optional. It’s the only thing to do in this house, which is why I’m searching for the premiere oatmeal cookie recipe.

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