and then suddenly, you get a break from the relentless:

Audition & Submission Instructions
Must be a size 12-16 to be considered for this shoot. Submit ASAP. Include close-ups (head and shoulder), waist-up, and full-body pictures, along with your regular portfolio and contact info (cell number and email). The client is only looking for older female models for this production.

Do not submit if you are under the age of 48 years old.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is steve-harvey.png
Like a unicorn, Specifically requesting a woman OVER 48 for a photo shoot is so rare that we’ll never see it again.

But, come to think of it… 48? WTF?
What if the PERFECT WOMAN is 47 and 11 months old?
Seriously. This shit is wacky.
And speaking of wacky shit:


This is a great opportunity to practice kindness and community thoughtfulness.
Change the way we live and think of each other, and treat each other with respect.
Can you imagine?
I can.
Hope you can, too.

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