Better Marriage = More Blow Jobs

Holding back her tears, Sharon’s voice quivered as she described the grouchy, snappy and absent behavior of her husband of 12 years, Bill. She was bewildered and scared, but mostly angry at the way his bellicose behavior shuts her up and shut him down, and scares their young daughter. He was now gone more often than home, and when he was home he isolated himself behind his laptop or in front of the TV. We sat, curled up like cats on my sofa, and I took a sip of wine.

Another moment — one of many these days — when I thanked all the gods that I was no longer married. Who needs that shit? No one. And who goes through it? Only every single married person I ever knew.

Not only was Sharon distressed about Bill’s recent behavior, but now she was dead set against their imminent vacation plans, a two week trip which she had been planning all year, down to Florida, and the last thing she wanted was to be trapped with Bill in a hotel room, let alone a car, since they were driving down and Jersey is waaaaay too far away from Orlando to survive the trip with the horrible new Bill and their 11 year old daughter.

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